Rest: Effects on the Body and Why One Should Take A Break And Rest?



Throughout the labyrinth of life, we receive the ‘hustle-or-no-food’ orientation. This ranges from daily doses of parental admonitions to the compulsive nonverbal cues of successful but infamous peers. We believe this and unfortunately,take it as a “no rest routine“. See what that does to our bodies:

Effects of Stress on the Body

  1. It wears us down physically, emotionally and mentally
  2. It slows down the body’s healing and restorative mechanisms
  3. It deprives us of good and necessary sleep
  4. It predisposes us to forgetting our medical appointments and developing a bad health-seeking behaviour
  5. We then end up discovering and presenting chronic illnesses late.

Why One Should Have a Rest

Working hard is important but your working hours should adhere to the rule of thumb that recognizes a 7th day of rest. Resting helps to :

  1. Restore our muscles, stressed tissues and overall body performance to normal functional capacity. All these and lots more for the purpose of renewal and preciseness of homeostatic body regulators.
  2. Increase our mental and emotional alertness. I’m sure no one wants to work with a dull or gloomy person. Hence I posit that it is a prerequisite for a sound mind and inner quietude.
  3. Resting is a plus to our immune system. This is because certain proteins such as cytokines and antibodies are released when we are at rest.
  4. It improves our memory. you do not want to be perpetually surcharged at the mall due to confusion and memory loss.  Likewise no student would love to be forgetful and mentally bankrupt in the exam hall. The medical students especially.
  5. It restores energy and increases productivity.
  6. Above all, it facilitates the early detection and management of red flag conditions that are usually and easily masked by our day-to-day hustle and bustle.

Finally, Take a ‘Break’ today and get some worthy ‘Rest‘.

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