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WhatsApp Beta: New Feature Blocks WhatsApp From Automatically Downloading Images, Videos to Gallery – See How to Activate It

The new WhatsApp Beta comes with an amazing feature that will solve one major problem of WhatsApp users – Media auto download.

Usually, media contents automatically save to your phone’s local storage. This happens once you open a photo or video from a contact on WhatsApp. Obviously, that means all received content from WhatsApp is visible to anyone who gains access to your default photo gallery. However, Android users can now heave a sigh of relief. That’s changing now.

Meanwhile according to Gadget Hacks, this new feature is an experiment in the WhatsApp beta for Android. But you can try it out after all by joining the WhatsApp beta from Google Play.

Note that this is also available on the windows platformWhatsapp beta

How the WhatsApp Beta Works

This new feature in the WhatsApp beta for Android will prevent photos and videos from automatically being saved to your device’s default gallery. Nevertheless, any media you already have in your gallery from WhatsApp remains.

It doesn’t delete existing media contents. Only new media received going forward will be blocked from ending up in your gallery app. All media will still be available to view in the WhatsApp threads that they were received in.

How to Stop WhatsApp Media Auto Download

To begin with, head over to the Android Play store to download the WhatsApp beta app. Once installed, there are two ways to carry out this feature:

  • First – Hide all new photos and videos in WhatsApp
  • Second – Stop auto download on each chat. Override the default app-wide setting per chat.

How to Hide all new photos and videos in WhatsApp from Phone Gallery

You can easily make hiding photos and videos from the gallery the default option for all chats. To do this, tap the overflow icon (three vertical dots) on the top right corner of the WhatsApp main screen.

Next, tap “Settings”.  Then select “Chats.”

Finally, make sure “Show media gallery” is deactivated under Media visibility to make sure this option becomes the default for all of your chats.

How to Stop auto download on each chat

Now, there are times when you only want to effect this for a particular contact only. For some reason, you’d still like to keep other images and videos in your gallery.

So, if you only want one or some of your chat’s media hidden from your gallery, you don’t have to change your app-wide setting to get the job done. You can change each chat’s setting to best fit your needs.

To start, enter one of your chat threads. Then tap the contact or chat name at the top. Next, under Media, tap “Media visibility”. Here, you will find three options.

  • Default: This will be applied to all chat threads unless you change it. All threads, by default, will use whatever setting you have set for the app. For instance, if you didn’t use the step above, it should say “Yes,” but if you did hide media app-wide, it will say “No.”
  • Yes: This overrides the app-wide setting to save all photos and videos to your device’s default gallery app just for this conversation thread.
  • No: This overrides the app-wide setting to hide all photos and videos from your device’s default gallery app just for this conversation thread.

Choose whichever option fits your situation. However, keeping a chat on “Default” will switch its individual setting any time you change the default option in Step 1.

With both these options in mind, remember that you aren’t stopping photos and videos from being received in WhatsApp. If you hide media either app-wide or on a per-app basis, photos and videos will still be visible in the WhatsApp chats themselves (unless you delete the media or whole chats).

And, of course, you can reverse these settings at any time. Just know that individual chats will need to be changed one by one unless you have them set to “Default.”


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