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UNIMAID Cut Off Mark for 2018/2019 (Departmental, Post UTME and JAMB)

UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/19 admission has been fully released for all 2018/2019 Post UTME Candidates. You can now check UNIMAID Departmental cut off mark 2018/2019 at www.unimaid.edu.ng admission portal.
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    UNIMAID Cut Off Mark for 2018/2019 (Departmental, Post UTME and JAMB)

    UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission Screening is very important for all Post UTME Candidates to know because that will help you to compare the score you have in your 2018 JAMB to the actual cut off mark needed by the University of Benin (UNIMAID) for admission.

    Without you knowing UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019, you will not be able to know the right department for you to apply for admission. Therefore, UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission process will be given here for all UNIMAID Post UTME Candidates to know.
    So we will take UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 as follows;
    1.     UNIMAID Cut off Mark 2018/2019
    2.     UNIMAID Post UTME Cut off Mark 2018
    3.     UNIMAID JAMB Cut off Mark 2018/19
    4.     UNIMAID Departmental Cut off Mark
    5.     UNIMAID Post UTME Form 2018/2019
    6.     UNIMAID Aggregate Cut off Mark
    7.     What do I do if my JAMB Score is not up to UNIMAID Cut off Mark 2018/2019
    For easier reading and understanding of UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission, a table of content has been provided above. You can use it to navigate to any heading you wish.
    So shall we begin? UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission is our topic.

    UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission

    UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission like we said earlier is the most important thing for all UNIMAID Post UTME Candidates who will apply for 2018/2019 Post UTME.
    UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission will help you to determine the department where you can comfortably fit in interms of the admission process. What you do is to compare your JAMB Score to the required UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission.
    I know that all that you need is to have admission into UNIMAID this year, but as a matter of fact, you have to first of all know UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission before you can even think of having an admission.
    This is how UNIMAID Admission process work. All Post UTME applications will be accepted from all eligible candidates. Your JAMB Score will be carefully noted. You will then be called for Post UTME aptitude test, after the test, your JAMB Score will now be added to your Post UTME Score.
    After all the process might have been done to all candidates, the selection process will now be based on Merit first before any other consideration. So you now see why you need to know more about UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019?
    Therefore, according to JAMB, UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission is placed at 200 minimum

    UNIMAID  Post UTME Cut off Mark 2018

    So many JAMB Candidate who want to study in the University of Benin (UNIMAID) are asking what is UNIMAID Post UTME Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission.
    Well, I want to quickly get you up to speed about anything you might have heard about UNIMAID Post UTME Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission. As a matter of fact, NO one knows the actual score UNIMAID places as their cut off mark for Post UTME admission. 
    However, things normally change. So if they release the Post UTME Cut off mark for 2018, we shall do well to make sure that we get you informed on that. Please do not fail to follow us on our facebook page so that you can see any update we have made on this topic “UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission”

    UNIMAID JAMB Cut off Mark 2018/2019

    You might want to know the actual UNIMAID JAMB Cut off Mark for 2018/2019 session. 
    JAMB has been providing the cut off Mark for all Universities whether Federal University, state or private university. So this is actually where we get the information about UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission.

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    Well, this year’s UNIMAID  JAMB Cut off Mark is 200. But as an advice, the chanced of you getting admission into UNN can only be increased if you have more than the UNIMAID JAMB Cut off mark. 

    UNIMAID Departmental Cut off mark 2018

    UNIMAID departmental cut off mark for all the Faculties present are given below.
    1. Sociology and Anthropology……..160
    2. Public Administration……..160
    3. Physical education……..160
    4. Library Science……..160
    5. Political Science……..160
    6. Mass communication……..160
    7. Health Education……..160
    8. Education Arts……..160
    9. Geography……..160
    10. Economics……..160
    11. Education and Science……..160
    12. Education and Geography/Physics……..160
    13. Zoology……..160
    14. Statistics……..160
    15. Education and English language……..160
    16. Education and Mathematics……..160
    17. Physics……..160
    18. Microbiology……..160
    19. Economics/Geography/Physics……..160
    20. Business Education……..160
    21. Mathematics……..160
    22. Geology……..160
    23. Agricultural Science education……..160
    24. Adult Education……..160
    25. Chemistry……..160
    26. Botany……..160
    27. Biochemistry……..160
    28. Veterinary Medicine……..160
    29. Radiography……..160
    30. Physiotherapy……..160
    31. Pharmacy……..160
    32. Nursing/Nursing Science……..160
    33. Medicine and Surgery……..160
    34. Medical Laboratory Science……..160
    35. Dentistry and Dental Surgery……..160
    36. Anatomy……..160
    37. Public law……..160
    38. Private Law……..160
    39. Islamic/Sharia Law……..160
    40. Civil law……..160
    41. Mechanical Engineering……..160
    42. Environmental Biology……..160
    43. Electrical/Electronics Engineering……..160
    44. Computer Engineering……..160
    45. Civil Engineering……..160
    46. Chemical Engineering……..160
    47. Agricultural and Management Engineering……..160
    48. Linguistics……..160
    49. Kanuri……..160
    50. Islamic Studies……..160
    51. History……..160
    52. Hausa……..160
    53. Fulfulde……..160
    54. French……..160
    55. English language with Literature……..160
    56. Creative Arts……..160
    57. Arabic Studies……..160
    58. General Agriculture……..160
    59. Forestry and Wild Life……..160
    60. Food Science and technology……..160
    61. Fisheries……..160
    62. Animal Science……..160
    63. Accounting/Accountancy……..160
    64. Business Administration……..160

    UNIMAID Post UTME Form 2018/2019

    As a matter of fact, knowing UNIMAID cut off mark for 2018/2019 admission exercise will not give you admission into UNN if you have not applied for UNIMAID Post UTME Form 2018/2019. 
    So if you have met the UNIMAID Cut off Mark for 2018/2019, why wasting your time, hurry up and apply for UNIMAID Post UTME Form 2018/2019 so you can be admitted.

    UNIMAID Aggregate cut off mark

    The aggregate cut off mark for UNIMAID as given by JAMB 2018 is 200. But you will do yourself better if you had scored more than this in your JAMB 2018.

    What do I do if my JAMB Score is not up to UNIMAID Cut off Mark 2018/2019

    In this case, I will advise you go for the Department that your score can carry and the department that is less competitive in UNIMAID so you can stand a chance of being admitted. Or better still, you can check on other Universities that  will accept your score.
    Well, at this point, I want to rest my case on the topic UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission (Departmental, Post UTME and JAMB). You may follow us through the following link

    Follow up links for UNIMAID Cut Off Mark For 2018/2019 admission (Departmental, Post UTME and JAMB)

    2. TWITTER

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    2. FUWUKARI Cut Off Mark for 2018/2019 (Departmental, Post UTME and JAMB)
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    4. UNN Cut Off Mark for 2018/2019 (Departmental, Post UTME and JAMB)
    5.  FUOTUOKE Cut Off Mark for 2018/2019 (Departmental, Post UTME and JAMB)


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