Flash: U.S Government Shutdown Over; All You Need To Know In Simple Terms

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A Brief Definition.

Recently, reports of the U.S government shutdown have been trending in the international media. However, we present a simplified summary of the whole event.

In brief, a shutdown is a situation of total breakdown in the budget process. It is due to the inability of the Executive and Legislature to agree on appropriations. Here, non-essential federal programs and personnel go on a temporary leave. During this tme, they are unpaid.

2018 U.S Government Shutdown Summarized

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The United States’ federal government, led by Donald Trump experienced a shutdown in January. It commenced on January 20, after lawmakers failed to agree on a bill to extend spending until February 16, 2018.

At 10 p.m. on January 19, the Senate voted but the 51 Republicans could not garner up to the required 60 votes to pass the bill.

The shutdown was the first since 2013. It lasted three days. The main reason for the impasse hinged on Trump’s immigration policies. The country’s opposition party had been demanding an explicit pledge to protect young undocumented migrants.

The End

The World was taken by storm when Chuck Schumer announced the party’s change of heart on the Congress floor. the Democratic leader in the Senate pronounced this moments before a vote on reopening the government. 

Consequently, The Senate voted 81 to 18 to fund the government until February 8. This would allow hundreds of thousands of federal workers to get back to work on Tuesday. 

In spite of this, both parties have 16 days to reach an agreement on spending and immigration. Failure of which would obviously lead to another shutdown.

Trump Reacts

In a strongly worded statement, President Donald Trump takes a jab at the Democrats. However, a ‘deal’ may be on the table. He said:

“I am pleased that Democrats in Congress have come to their senses and are now willing to fund our great military, border patrol, first responders, and insurance for vulnerable children.

“As I have always said, once the Government is funded, my Administration will work toward solving the problem of very unfair illegal immigration. We will make a long-term deal on immigration if, and only if, it is good for our count


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