It’s that time of the year again when every parent is looking out for the best school to enroll his/her child. I bet no loving parent would compromise the future of his child by settling for just any school. Due to the huge demand, we’ve come up with a well researched list of the best private secondary schools in Akwa Ibom State.


Please note that we have neither been endorsed by, nor share any affiliation with any of the featured schools. This post is solely for informational purposes only.

Criteria for Listing

While compiling this list, our seasoned experts took into consideration various factors. Some of them include:

  • Average performance in major external examinations like WASSCE and NECO
  • Facilities
  • Quality of teachers
  • Quality of Products(how ex-students perform in higher institutions)
  • Performance in major inter-school competition
  • Disciplinary standard
  • Curriculum
  • Public perception
  • Quality of Students(healthy competition)
  • Extra-curricular activities

Also, we have written extensively about the top 5. We have chosen to list the rest due to the unavailability of sufficient data.

Top 10 Best Private Secondary Schools in Akwa Ibom State 2018/2019

  1. Mobil Pegasus, Eket.

From producing the 2017 national champions of the Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS) award, to their unmatched array of expatriate teachers, we believe Pegasus deserves nothing but the top spot.

The oil giant sponsored school performs excellently in all our stated categories. It is located at Saint Gregory Road, Eket.

 2. Topfaith International Secondary School

If you are looking out for a modern school, then Topfaith is top on the list. The Essien Udim based school boasts of arguably the best ICT facilities among secondary schools in the state. With a standard and up-to-date website, the school is just a click away.

Topfaith is located in Mkpatak, in Essien Udim, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. It is a serene and conducive environment about 12km form Abak town, 14km from Ikot Ekpene town and about 23km form Uyo, the Capital City of Akwa Ibom State. Meanwhile, it charges between 310,000 and 532,000 naira as fees per term.

Some of the reasons we recommend this school include:

  • Full Boarding Coeducational Facilities
  • Highly qualified and experienced staff
  • Small class size and staff-students ratio of 1:7
  • Audio Visual teaching, e-teachning and Learning Facilities
  • Standard sports arena for games and athletics
  • Expansive and well laid-out school premises
  • Emphasis on ICT and Science Programmes
  • Serene and nature-friendly educational environment
  • On-campus residency of staff
  • High academic and moral standards
  • Strong commitment and support of members of the Board of Governors
  • Well Equipped Science and Computer laboratories for Junior and Senior Schools
  • Well equipped and standard library
  • Standard Healthcare Centre for prompt healthcare

3. Ritman College

Ritman College

Ritman College is indeed in a class of its own. It boasts of a serene and well organized system, as well as links with foreign universities. One striking feature of the school is its generous scholarship schemes. This is a big motivation as there is always a prize for hardworking students.

The school is located at 104b Umuahia road, Ikot Ekpene. It charges in the region of 750,000 naira annually for fresh intakes.

4. Saint Brian’s Model College

Saint Brian's Model CollegeSBMC is one of the most popular schools in Akwa Ibom. Owned by the Catholic mission, the school has consistently performed excellently in external examinations. It is an all-boys boarding school located at 32 Dominic Utuk Avenue, Uyo.

One positive about the school is the affordability, in comparison with the standard.

5. Tower of Ivory Schools

Tower of Ivory Schools is a top notch school in Ediene Abak. The school charges in the region of 1,000,000 Naira annually. It claims to have

  • A highly seasoned and dedicated management team
  • Disciplined, purpose-driven and well-motivated professional staff
  • Well-equipped computer laboratory with 24 hours internet services and modern science laboratories
  • An ultra-modern technical workshop to bring the students face-face with technological realities of our contemporary world.
  • Excellent boarding facilities and fully air-conditioned palaces(hostels).
  • 24 hours power supply with standby generating plants, in addition to public power supply supported by a dedicated transformer, inverter and solar powered systems
  • Well-equipped library, and ultra modern language laboratory
  • Health facility manned by highly trained medical personnel and a resident doctor.
  • World class sporting facilities,
  • A highly secured environment manned by security personnel and supported by a near-by police station

Please note that this section follows no particular order.

  •  Beulah International School, Ekom Iman.
  • Graceland High School, Uyo
  • Apostolic Faith Secondary School, Ikot Ekpene
  • Notre Dame Girls Secondary School, Urua Edet Obo
  • Monef High School, Itam
  • St. Columbanus Secondary School, Ikwen
  • Heritage College, Uyo
  • Rayfield Secondary School


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