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Hello From The Other Side

Life has a narrow path, such that each of us follows our lanes without crashing the other. However, it does not stop us from shouting a hello across, or voicing our inclinations to the events around us. For we never can tell “what comes around, that goes round.”
So, why fold your arms and watch your brother in the next lane fall into a ditch? The social media ‘craze’ as I choose to call it, is one such reasons am shouting a hello today. Hoping you can hear me from the other side, because I’m not letting you fall into that ditch. I am my brother’s keeper after all.
That said, our society today, especially the African society of which I’m a part of, has become an unsolvable puzzle. Our norms and values have waned over time. The youth (or the future of tomorrow as they are often referred to) have misplaced their ‘inheritance’ and for what? Eccentricity? or, to put it differently, the “white man’s modus vivendi”. Oh! social media.
The social media craze makes me often ponder if there’s any existence of reality anymore. Or life has simply become a “virtual world” where we just watch people go virtually insane. The worst part is that we refurbish insanity, rename it and maintain a trend of it ourselves. Nothing is sacred anymore. For God’s sake where are we headed? I wish I could just have a glance at the end, maybe if we all did, just maybe… Perhaps, something would change, at least, a little. God help us all!


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