Pregnant Kylie Jenner ‘refuses to visit’ Kim Kardashian’s new baby


Scared Of Camera –Kim K

Kylie Jenner is reportedly so paranoid about being caught on camera that she’s “refusing” to visit Kim Kardashian’s new baby. All eyes are on Kim as fans eagerly await the first glimpse of her baby girl.

And it seems Kylie – who is rumoured to be pregnant herself – is keen to stay out of the spotlight. “Kylie has no plans to see the baby,” a family insider told Radar Online .

She’s really tired of having to stay inside all the time, but she cannot bear to go out into the world and have photos taken of her looking like this.”

She has chosen to send heart-shaped flowers instead to avoid photographers snapping ‘baby bump’

Kylie jennar flower

Baby’s Name Still An Issue

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are yet to announce their third child’s name.

The couple’s surrogate gave birth to a baby girl on Monday. However, the couple have reportedly been at war over what to name their newborn.

According to Radar Online, Kim Kardashian has been fighting over an unusual baby name with her sister Kylie Jenner.

It’s rumoured both ladies want to name their baby girls ‘Love’.

Meanwhile, Kanye is thought to be set on naming her Donda after his late mum.

“Kim didn’t want to name the baby Donda because she just didn’t like the name itself. It is nothing against his mother at all,” a family insider said.

Earlier today, Kim sent fans into a spin with her latest Instagram post as she keeps them guessing over her newborn daughter’s name.

Conspiracy Theories

On Wednesday evening Kim appeared to offer a cryptic clue hinting at what her little girl might be called.

Mum of three Kim simply shared an image of the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram print and the post was soon flooded with suggestions as to what it could mean.

Hundreds of her fans assumed it meant she had named her baby ‘Louis West’.

“Becoming a conspiracy theorist to figure out what this had to do with Baby West. Did you name your child Louis? I need answers Kim!”

Others were convinced it meant ‘Elle Vee West’, while other suggestions included ‘Livi West’ and ‘Laurent West’.

Meanwhile, others pointed to the fact Kanye always raps about Louis Vuitton. Someone else commented “LV West. Kanye would ALWAYS rap about LV.”

And for others it was just too much to decipher: “My brain hurts from trying to figure this out.”

“Maybe we all over thinking it and its just her diaper bag,” said someone else.


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