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Serving in a good state is the dream of almost all intending corps member. However, not much of information is available about the true state of things in the supposed “good state”. So in this post we will review every necessary fact about NYSC Niger state. If you need to know anything about serving in Niger state relax and read attentively. In case there is any other query we have not covered, please feel free to leave it in the comment section.

Before we go any further, please take your time to read the following posts. We strongly recommend them as they contain very relevant information for every intending, serving and ex youth corps member.

Brief Review of Life in Minna, Niger State

It is very common to see graduates scrambling to be posted to Abuja, Lagos, Rivers etc because of the perceived available opportunities. Those who feel unfortunate when they realize that they were posted to Niger state instead of their dream state actually end up loving it there because life is relatively cheaper and easier in Minna compared to other big and major cities in Nigeria. The good part is that you could live in Niger and work in Abuja If you are fortunate to be posted to the areas around Suleja. We will say a little more below.

Location of Niger State

Niger state is located in the north central geo-political zone of the country. It borders Abuja, Kaduna and Benin republic to the east, Kebbi and Zamfara to the north, Kwara and Kogi states to the south. The region is also popularly reffered to as middle belt. This is basically due to its location on the Nigerian map, generally regarded as the center of the country. It connects the north and south of the country.

Cost of Living in Minna, Niger State.

Minna the capital of Niger State is relatively one of the cheapest cities in the country to live in. From the low cost of transportation, housing and food stuffs. Anyone who thinks life is difficult in the north should have to visit Minna Niger State then they will have a rethink.

In one of our research we found that most products produced in the north are cheaper in the middle belt than in the south and vice versa.

How to Serve in Niger State

According to a survey most PCMs rush to choose those major cities when choosing their preferred state of deployment forgetting that there are other better options like Niger state. Only a few persons get posted to their preferred state while others settle for the states they didn’t really want but end up still loving it afterwards. Now the question is – how can I get posted to Niger State.

Here we will try to answer that question but please note that we do not guarantee anything. This is Nigeria where nothing is sure. That notwithstanding, you may stand a good chance. And also we do not encourage the abuse of some of this means as they fall below our ethical standards. We have only included them for the purpose of informing you, as they happen after all.

  1. Register early: the trick has been working since 2015 when PCMs were allowed to pick their choice of states. The corps has been known to operate on a first come first serve basis. Consequently, every state is left open for application until the allotted slots gets filled. However, this didn’t record much success in 2018 round of registration as only a limited number of options were shown to the applicants, regardless of the time of registration.
  2. Do not claim to have visited Niger State before: we all know the aims and objective of the exercise. Every citizen is expected to volunteer in an area other than where he/she is used to. So claiming to know Niger state does not really place you in a good position to be given the state.
  3. Claim your spouse resides in Niger State if you are married: as a matter of policy the corps lays preference on the welfare of married PCMs in the course of posting. Corps members especially the female PCMs are usually mobilized to serve within the state of residence of the spouse.

The Orientation Camp

The NYSC orientation camp is located at Paiko in Paikoro Local Government. Paikoro is a few kilometers from Minna the capital of Niger state. The camp has some key feature like a play area, mammy market and so on. Although the state government hopes to build a more befitting permanent camp, the present one is in no way bad.

State Coordinator

The state coordinator is Mrs Theresa Igbokun Arokoyo.

Camp Life

Life in the camp is always fun and filled with activities. It lasts about three weeks. Meal is served thrice daily. However, most people prefer eating at the mammy market as “better” stuffs are always available there. Expect to wake as early as 5am and get back to bed as late as 10pm.

Best PPAs to Serve

We understand that there are some private establishments in Minna as well as loads of government establishments like school and government parastatals and these government establishments are just too good to be ignored because they mostly come with free accommodations and some other incentives especially during the festive periods.

Note: NYSC no more accepts corps members serving in banks.


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