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Top on the wishlist of every intending corps member is safety and some sought of assurance of quality living during and after service. It is a fact that serving in a good place could help you achieve professional success in Nigeria. Undoubtedly, NYSC Abia is one of the most popular choices of intending corps members. However, not much information is available about the true state of things in Umuahia, Aba and other parts of the state.

Therefore, in this article, we will review every necessary fact about NYSC Abia. in case you need to know anything about service in Abia, I urge you to relax and read through this post completely. If there is any other question we have not covered here, please make sure you leave it in the comment section, and we shall do well to answer you in just a moment.

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Brief Review of Life in Abia

Abia is one of the five states of the south eastern geo-political zone of Nigeria. The capital is Umuahia and the major commercial city is Aba, which was formerly a British colonial government outpost in the region.

Aba is the commercial nerve centre of the East. Many goods are produced here although widely believed to be fake and of poor quality. But nevertheless, Aba is a bubbling city.

On the other hand, some others are discouraged by a few negative factors. Some of the reasons why Abia may not be the best option include

  • High cost of living. Expect life to be relatively expensive compared to some Western or Northern states
  • Perceived over-population. With over three million residents, mainly in the urban centres, expect a huge population density at urban areas.
  • High crime rate. With high level of unemployment comes insecurity. It’s a hotspot for pick-pocketing and armed robbery.
  • Unnecessary road congestion and so on. Congestion here is typical of the normal Nigerian situation. There are no good infrastructures to match the high population.

Is Abia a Good Choice for NYSC?

Frankly, whether the state is good or bad depends on you. But I believe the potentials in Abia outweighs the hassles and issues. continue reading for more. See facts about the state below.

Location of Abia

CREATION: Created 27th August 1991.

Capital: Umuahia

Major City: Aba, Osusu Aba, Uturu, Oro Arochukwu

GEOGRAPHIC PROFILE: Located in South-East of Nigeria, approximately at latitudes 40 40′ and 60 14′ north, and longitudes 70 10′and 80 east. Bounded in the North by Ebonyi State; bounded South and South West by Rivers; bounded East and South East by Cross River and Akwa Ibom States. It is bounded in the West by Imo and Northwest by Anambra. Land Area is 5,243.7 sq. km.

Cost of Living in Abia State

The cost of living in Abia state is largely dependent on one’s lifestyle. Due to the international market (ariaria market), the state has become the chinese production centre in Nigeria. Products like shoes, dresses,etc are cheaper especially in Aba, the busiest city East of the Niger.

One of the chanllenges corp members do have in any state is accomodation as well as transportation cost. However, if you are fortunate to be given an accommodation by your PPA, then you have made it through almost half the odds.

How to Serve in Abia

According to a dependable survey, Abia along with a few other states is one of the most sought-after states by PCMs. Due to high demand of the state by corp members makes the state is highly competitive. Only very few are fortunate to be posted there. Now, the question on every PCM’s mind is – how can I get posted to Abia?

So, if you are one of those corppers asking such questions, then you need to read on. But please note that we do not guarantee anything. This is Nigeria where nothing is sure. That notwithstanding, you may stand a good chance. Also, we do not encourage an abuse of some of these means as they fall below our ethical standards. We have only included them for the purpose of informing you, as they happen afterall.

  1. Register early. This trick has been working since 2015 when PCMs were allowed to pick their choice of states. The corps has been known to operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. Consequently, every state is left open for application until the allotted slots get filled. However, this didn’t record much success during the 2018 round of registration as only a limited number of options were shown to applicants, regardless of the time of registration.
  2. Do not claim to reside or to have visited Abia before. We all know the aims and objectives of the exercise. Every citizen is expected to volunteer in an area other than where s/he is used to. So, claiming to be “know” Umuahia or Aba does not really place you in a good position to be given the state.


  1. Claim your spouse resides in Abia. As a matter of policy, the corps lays preference on the welfare of married PCMs in the course of posting. Corps members, especially the female PCMs are usually mobilized to serve within the state of residence of the spouse.
  2. Medical condition may help. Proving to NYSC that you have a medical condition that may not be manageable in any other state may just be the option of last resort. However, you will need to provide some evidences to be taken seriously. Your personal doctor residing in Abia may help build you a good case.
  3. Hitting the Nigerian “black market”. We know Nigeria is changing thanks to the “serious re-orientation efforts” of the government. Not surprisingly, a few Nigerians are still engaged in the business of helping you get your desired state. Albeit at a cost. A good number of Nigerians do not mind spending some bucks, as long as it will get them to their desired states.

NYSC Abia Orientation Camp, State Coordinator and General Camp Experience

The Orientation Camp

The present orientation camp of NYSC Abia is located at Igbere. It is not the best but obviously above par compared with others across the country.

The NYSC Abia State Coordinator

General Camp Experience

Socially, the Abia orientation camp like most other states, is nothing but fun. Apart from the fact that regular camp activities chunk off a greater part of the day, the Abia camp never records any minute of dullness. What to eat, drink or whatever is never a problem. In fact, just expect fun.

Best PPAs to Serve

Abia is one of the top commercial cities in Nigeria. Invariably, there is an abundance of companies waiting to absorb corps members; at least in principle. In fact, going on job sites, you’ll get lots of companies advertising openings specifically for Corps members. Also, personally sending in applications even when not sought could get you some consideration.

Methinks a few government establishments are just too great to ignore. Meanwhile, Abia pays between 10,000 and 15,000 Naira to a limited number of copers serving in public institutions. However, if you are lucky to get some key parastatals, then the package may be bumper.😁

So, when looking out for where to serve, do not limit yourself to thinking within the box. Beat the trend and try out something unusual.

Meanwhile, getting a juicy PPA is not as easy as it sounds. The worst part is that even when posted there, you may hardly be accepted. Except of course, you know someone who knows someone.

Top Places to Serve in Abia

I’ll be tempted to draw up a list of companies or parastatals with juicy take home packages. But the truth is, the term “good” is as far as I know ambiguous. As a matter of fact, a good pay could be your main drive, while to another, being free to take up another venture may just be key.

Whatever the case, do well to research about which company suits your dreams and try it out. Even if you don’t get a good place, take up a part time employment.

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