N-power Nigeria 2018: Tips on Getting Selected


What is N-power?

N-power is a recent youth development program of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Recall that President Buhari had promised economic and social empowerment. Consequently, the first batch of beneficiaries were engaged in January 2016. Therefore, N-power 2018 is the third batch of the program.

Categories And Programs Of N-power Nigeria

The N-power program comes in two broad categories, namely:

  • The Non-graduate, as well as
  • The Graduate Category

The N-power Non-graduate Category and Qualifications

In the first place, Nigerians without degrees are not left out. Those with SSCE or lower qualifications are perfectly fit for this area.

Three units make up this section. They include:

1. N-power Knowledge:

This is  fully aimed at gaining new skills.

  1. Creative
  2. Tech Hardware
  3. Tech Software

2. N-power Build


In the same way, skill is key here.

  • Building Services
  • Construction
  • Built Environmental Services
  • Utilities
  • Automotive
  • Aluminium and Gas


The N-power Graduate Category and Qualifications

The graduate category can also be called the volunteer corps. This is because you do not earn salaries. On the contrary, you get stipends. Also, It is divided into four sub categories, namely:

  1. Teach
  2. Agro
  3. Health
  4. Tax

In the same way, to fit in here, you need:

  1. B.Sc
  2. H.N.D
  3. O.N.D
  4. N.C.E. Chiefly for teach.


N-power 2018: 5 Tips To Get Selected

  1. Most importantly, apply within your field of specialization. Go for the what suits you most. It is the best option. Your chances are quite high.
  2. Include those little, but relevant experience. Have you worked before as a teacher? Then N-Teach is definitely your call. Take note, N.Y.S.C experience must not be overlooked.
  3. Avoid N-Teach as much as possible. Try as much as possible not go for Teach. Try only if you are a professional in the education industry. Alternatively, try any of the other sub categories. I usually advise this because more than 70% of candidates apply to teach. Consequently, this leaves less than 30% to occupy the other three 3 categories. With this in mind, you may be lucky.
  4. Look more towards the North. One of the key aims of the program is to address the shortage of professionals. Arguably, states in the Northern part of the country need it more. Two factors really cause this. First is the high demand of graduates. Second is the low number of unemployed graduates. Personally, I recommend Kano. See the reason here.
  5. Finally, get as many professional certificates as possible. In fact, they boost your profile. Hence, making you appear more qualified.

Of course, we will follow official sources and update you on the latest info.

Meanwhile, please leave your comments and enquiries. We will answer promptly. Thank you.


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