WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019: how to check using Phone and Scratch Card

WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019, know how to check WAEC Result Using Phone and Scratch Card. When will WAEC result 2018 be out? This question will be answered here. So hurry up and check it at https://www.waecdirect.org/
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    how to check waec result
    Congratulations for making it up to this level, how was your WAEC exam? 

    I know you may not really have the right answer to tell me now until you Check WAEC Result 2018/2019 using your Scratch card or check it without Scratchcard on WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019, of course, that will be through your phone. 

    But I know for sure that when you check your WAEC Result, you will pass. So I am going to show you two things here;

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    • How to check WAEC Result 2018/2019 using phone on WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019
    • How to check WAEC Result 2018/2019 using Scratch Card on WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019

    is WAEC Result 2018 out

    At this point, I want to quickly bring to your notice that the West African Examination Council has not released WAEC Result 2018/2019 yet, and the WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019 is not opened for 2018 WAEC Result Checker.

    Download WAEC Timetable for 2019/2020 session here-next year

    WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019 information is only given to you at this point so that it can be very easier for us to keep you updated once the Result is out.

    You know that if we tell you this at this time, it will be easy for you to check us from time to time to confirm whether the WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019 is opened for candidates to Check WAEC Result 2018/2019. 

    when will WAEC Result 2018 be out

    So all I am asking you at this point is for you to make sure that you visit us from time to time in order to see when WAEC Result 2018/2019 will be out or you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter handle because we shall post it there also for you to be fully informed on when the WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019 will be opened 

    Note that you cannot Check WAEC Result 2018/2019 for now because the result is not yet out and the WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019 is not yet opened. We shall do well to update you once it is out.

    However, the above paragraph shall be updated once WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019 is out. But I will still show you how to check the result using Scratchcard or using your Phone so you can do it once it is out. So follow me up and know how to check WAEC Result 2018/2019 using phone or scratch card.

    How to check WAEC Result 2018/2019 using Scratchcard on WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019

    The best way to check WAEC Result is through the use of WAEC Scratch Card. The scratch card is provided by WAEC to all Candidate so they can access their result and make a print out of it. So what am going to do here is to make the work simpler for you. We have packaged everything for you. All you have to do is to download WAEC Result checker 2018/2019 and Check it directly. Is that not simple? Just download it BELOW and check your WAEC Result 2018/2019 direct. The advantage it has over checking WAEC Result with phone is that you can print it out, but with phone, you cannot.

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    So let us see how you can Check WAEC Result without Scratch Card

    How to check WAEC Result 2018/2019 using Phone

    Like I said before, you can check your WAEC Result 2018/2019 using your mobile Phone. Here, you do not need to buy any Scratch Card, all you need is your Phone. The disadvantage of using your phone to Check WAEC Result 2018/2019 is that you cannot print the result out. So using phone to Check WAEC Resutl 2018/2019 is just for confirmation of your result. If you want to use the result for official purpose, it is advisable for you to use your WAEC Scratch Card. 

    So, like I did in the first one, I will also give you in a downloadable form so you can get it and Check your WAEC Result 2018/2019 straight from your phone with ease. 


    Well, I think it is necessary for you to know the right place where you can buy the Scratch card for WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019. Now, the right place is for you to go to WAEC Office direct and obtain your scratch card or go to any computer business center that can Check WAEC Result, they will sell it for you. Or better still, use your phone and type the URL below;

    Visit https://www.vtpass.com/waec-result

    Complete the form make your payment and obtain the Scratch Card. That is all.

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    WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019 is open for candidates to check WAEC Result 2018.

    WAEC Result Checker 2018/2019



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