Fireworks Terror: 2 Die, 5 Need Emergency Amputation To Survive


Police in Germany have confirmed two men dead and several others injured. Among them include an 11-year-old boy who sustained serious facial injuries after being struck in the face by fireworks thrown by some other teenagers in Brandenburg

Surgeons at Berlin’s trauma hospital worked in three operating rooms throughout the night, treating 21 people, including five who required amputations.

In response to fears of terrorism, police barred large bags from party areas in Berlin.

Six officers in Berlin suffered hearing loss when a firework was thrown at them during the arrest of a suspect. The 22-year-old man was believed to have thrown a cracker that blew a police car’s rear windshield. Also arrested was a 16-year-old girl after she repeatedly threw fireworks at police and confiscated 44 illegal pyrotechnic devices they found on her.

Police in Leipzig turned water cannon on a group of up to 50 disorderly people who threw firecrackers at them.

Detectives have opened criminal investigations into “improper use” of pyrotechnics.


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