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Cyber crime: How To Identify An Internet Fraudster; See Most Popular Internet Fraud Schemes and How to Report Scams

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Hello! You probably have at least heard of the infamous “Nigerian Prince” before. Now, thumps up if you’ve been able to outsmart them by not loosing your hard earned resources to internet fraudsters or scammers. In this post, I will confirm to you that internet fraud AKA advance fee fraud is real. I will also go ahead to give you tips on how to identify a typical fraudster. Expect to learn also how not to fall a victim for internet scam.

Before we get started, let me scare you a bit. THERE IS AN 80% CHANCE THAT AT LEAST ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS ON SOCIAL MEDIA IS A FRAUDSTER. This is particularly very probable if you have over a hundred random friends you just met on the net, with no personal offline relationship hitherto.

Don’t get it twisted, I’m giving you “insider tips” as a Nigerian, who has what we call “street credibility”. Having worked in a bank, until I decided it’s time to help the world a bit more, I have gone on a personal under-cover investigation for more than a year. I can confirm to you that internet scam is not only real, but is in fact a booming “business” across the world.

First, read the mail below.

Dear Purchasing Manager,

Glad to know your email address from website. I’m Emma from Hunan Ruichen Ceramic Material Co.,Ltd. one of the biggest manufacturer andexporter in China for Grinding media,such as yttira zirconia beads,ceria zirocnia beads,silicate zirconia beads,and alumina ball 92%. and he worked his way back to the bow and rested against the wood.

Any inquiry please feel freely to contact me. I will try to support you.Thanks a lot! There was only the heavy sharp blue head and the big eyes and the clicking, thrusting all-swallowing jaws.

Await for your early reply soon! The shack was made of the tough budshields of the royal palm which are called guano


Best regards!

Ms.Emma Hu(Export Manager) 

The example above is just one out of millions of random e-mails sent out everyday, looking out for victims aka “maga”. They are ever present in the spam folder of you e-mail inbox. Some are more inviting than this. Their ultimate aim is gaining your interest, getting you to probe further and unleashing the master-plan on you.

Coded Names of Internet Scams

Internet fraud

It is not uncommon, the world over for people who engage in unlawful activities to come up with coded terms to qualify the nomenclature of their acts. For example, terms like coke, weed, dope, and so on are used for drugs.

Likewise, internet scams are called a variety of names. See some of the names adopted in local parlance below

  • Yahoo-yahoo
  • Gee
  • Pressing
  • Hustle
  • 419

Facts You Must Know About Internet Fraud / Scams

Now, the activities of internet fraudsters are common knowledge. However, there are still some misconceptions about the crime. Let me walk you through some facts you should always have at the back of your mind when on the internet; especially on social media.

  • Never expect a scammer to use a “black” profile. They understand the “politics of race”. White profiles gain more attention and trust quickly.
  • They bank on your greed. No one forces you to give up your hard earned dollars. They use soft means to cajole you into “investing” for incredible returns.
    It’s a fact that almost everyone gambles, directly or indirectly. Watch out for the next time a “friend” you barely know on social media makes frivolous promises, albeit at a “small” cost. Never forget the adage – “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”
  • iii) Americans and Europeans have signed up. No doubt the media would make you believe it’s an exclusively African thing. However, take it from me, The West is taking over. Some are into mainstream fraud, while others are mere accomplices. See the 67-Year Old Yahoo Yahoo Grandfather Caught In The United States

10 Tips on Identifying A Scammer

  1. He usually (seemingly coincidentally) lives in a different country from yours. He may be from your country, as his profile may read, let’s say U.S. But, at anytime he identifies you are an American, he’ll claim to be in the UK, or even the Scandinavia.
  2. They never have more than a few pictures on social media. Probably between 3 and 5.
  3. They are always divorced or widowed. Most likely with a child, in their custody.
  4. They pose as very successful seafarers, Oil moguls, Soldiers and the likes. Note, their job does not permit them making unscheduled calls.
  5. They are very romantic. I bet you, they are masters of the art.
  6. Watch out for errors in their write-ups, especially e-mails.
  7. Money or your financial details is always involved.
  8. You always have to make a “small” payment up front.
  9. They never seem to have anything to benefit from the deal or relationship.
  10. Any action demanded is always urgent.

Watch out for our next article on the Top 100 types and Patterns of internet scams. We’ll also put up the top 20 countries with the highest number of scammers.

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