Cape Town, South Africa Runs Out Of Water; As Residents Flout 50 Litres Per Day Order

Cape town drought

Residents Advised To Flush Toilet Once Daily, 2 Minute Shower
Cape town drought

South Africa’s second most populous urban area is currently undergoing a severe drought. The coastal city is expected to run out of water by April 20 despite restrictions brought in by city leaders.

Mayor Patricia De Lille said taps will run dry in less than two months because residents are still using more than the allowance of 50 litres a day.

People in Cape Town have been told to take two-minute showers, flush toilets once a day and only use drinking water for drinking and cooking but the advice is being ignored by most citizens.

De Lille said: “It is quite unbelievable that a majority of people do not seem to care and are sending all of us headlong towards Day Zero. At this point we must assume that they will not change their behaviour.”

Environmental charity WWF has issued an information pack to help prepare residents for Day Zero.

It states: “On Day Zero, the city will move into full-scale Emergency Stage 3. This means that water to households and businesses will be cut off. There will not be enough water in the system to maintain normal services and the taps (and toilets) will run dry.”

More than 200 secure water collection points have been set up where residents will have to queue for 25-litre daily allowance after Day Zero.


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