Blood Everywhere As 2 Teenage Pupils Stab To Kill Teacher, 10 Other Children


Attacker Repeated Classes Severally-

Masked assailants attacked students in a school in Russia’s Perm city on Monday, leaving 11 of them injured, the Jainda reports. The attack occurred at school number 127 of the city’s Motovilokhinsky district at 10.19 am local time (About 6am Nigerian time).

Ten children and a teacher were stabbed when two masked knifemen – believed to be former pupils – stormed a school.

The horrific attack was reportedly carried out by the teenage pair who were “big fans” of the Columbine school massacre in the US.

Heartbreaking reports have emerged of ten years old being injured in the attack while trying to protect their teacher.

Horrifying images from the scene showed blood on the floor, after terrified children fled to a nearby shopping centre to escape their attackers.

The teacher and two pupils are now fighting for their lives in hospital in a “grave condition” authorities have confirmed.

Security sources believe the incident in Perm, western Russia, was not terrorism, and that the attackers may have been inspired by the infamous American school shooting

Police have claimed that both of the suspects were “fans” of the 1999 American massacre where two isolated teens killed 13 of their classmates and then themselves.

The first attacker has been named as 17-year old Lev Bidzhakov.

He was reported as having posted material about the American massacre on social media, as well as subscribing to sites about mass shootings and rifles.

The second suspected attacker was named as Alexander Buslidze.

Witnesses said he and Bidzhakov, who had reportedly been held back in school multiple times, had agreed to attack the school but ended up fighting each other during the bloody assault.

In a chilling echo of the Columbine attack, the pair reportedly tried to kill themselves after completing their murderous spree, but failed and are being held by police.

Vladimir Putin’s Children’s Ombudsmen launched an inquiry into the attack saying: “Was there really no-one apart from ten-year-old children who could stop the hooligans?”

“Two criminals in masks attacked a teacher and students,” said a source in the FSB security service.

“There is blood everywhere in the school,” the source continued.

“As a result of armed attack, nine people received knife wounds, one teacher and eight students.”

A student said of suspected attacker Bidzhakov: “Last year he finished year nine, he had repeated a year a few times.

“He should have been in year 11 now.

“He wasn’t doing well at school.

“He wasn’t aggressive, but quiet, nothing like he wanted to kill someone.

“I don’t understand why it all happened, he’s from a good family, with a father and mother together.

“But he used to run away from home, he didn’t like that he was controlled.”

Vladimir Putin’s Children’s Ombudsmen, Anna Kuznetsova, said the attack was an “outrageous” lapse in security.

Before flying to the scene she said: “Fourth year pupils pupils were protecting their teacher who was trying to stop older guys fighting with knives.

“Two wounded teenagers are in hospital.

“The teacher is in the gravest condition.

“We will figure out how armed guys made it to school and who did not respond to the situation at the site.”

Eight ambulances and dozens of fire appliances rushed to School number 127 in Motovilikhinsky district.

A father said: “The school told my wife two intruders armed with knives attacked a chemistry teacher and pupils in room 39, and they were stabbing them on their necks.”

Pavel, a student, told journalists: “We were having geography lesson on the third floor of the school where everything happened.

“We heard fire alarm and teachers started walking us out of classrooms.

“When we were leaving, we saw drops of blood every five metres.

“When we left [the building], we saw smoke coming out of a window on the third floor.

“At first we were told that a lamp exploded and allegedly injured some children.

“From my classmates I heard that a stranger or even two entered the building and wounded our chemistry teacher and several children.”

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