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Profile Of Angel “Yahaya” Awotarigha

Angel bbnaija

Real name – Angel Awotarigha – is a filmmaker and music lover from Bayelsa state. According to him, he often gets mistaken for a famous Nigerian personality. He enjoys martial arts, swimming, playing the guitar and video games. Working with an American rapper is a highpoint of Angel’s career.

Angel’s journey in the BBNaija house came to an end after being evicted along with house crush and partner, Ahneeka.


Angel is 25 years old.


Angel is one of ten children. He lost his mum two year ago. His family is strongly behind him. Angel describes himself as passionate. Keeping his fiery and emotional nature under wraps may be a challenge in the House.


He has a diploma in Directing and Digital filmmaking from New York Film Academy.

Professional Career

Angel is a film maker. He is the Director of Dark man movies and My Dream Wedding since 

He is also the director of Riverdrill Audio-visual studios.

Aside this, he is working on a tech project. He runs a tech company currently building a phone. Angel is a certified ATCON gsm engineer.

What Irritates Angel The Most About Other People:

People trying to enforce their opinion as law.  Everyone should be entitled to their own opinion.

What He Will be bringing into the BB House:

I’ll be the voice of reason. I’m a very logical person.

What will you do with the prize money:

I have 3 films I want to make. I’ll buy equipment for my studio.

Pairing and Eviction

Angel was arguably one of the least popular housemates in the house. He was blamed by most people for the eviction of the Gelah pair. While in the house they seemed to have struck a relationship. However, nothing much has been heard after the house.


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