Big Brother 20 (BB20): Start date, Houseguests, History, Casting call, Past Winners, Sponsors and How to Apply


Biography of Big Brother 20 (BB20) Houseguests

Hello, this post will cover the following areas;
2.       Big Brother 20 housemates
3.       Big Brother 20 start date
5.       BigBrother 20 Sponsors
6.       Big Brother 20 Past winners

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The aim is to bring to you the full details on the above areas. So stay tight and Browse through so that you can discover amazing facts about Big Brother Season 20 also referred to as BB20. Now let us take them one after the other.

Hello, this post will cover the following areas;  1.       Big Brother 20(BB20) Introduction  2.       Big Brother 20 housemates  3.       Big Brother 20 start date  4.       Big Brother20 Application  5.       BigBrother 20 Sponsors  6.       Big Brother 20 Past winners
Introduction to Big Brother 20 (BB20)
As I have already written in my older post on the topics “things to know about BB20”, Big Brother US is a reality game show that originated from a man known as John de Mol Jr. in 1997. Initially, the Big Brother reality show used to be broadcasted in The Netherlands but now it has spread all over the world. The name “Big Brother” is gotten from the Novel that was written by George Orwell in 1984. This Big Brother reality show receives application from interested candidates and select those who are qualified. Those who are qualified are now given the opportunity to stay in the Big Brother house and are constantly being monitored by cameras and recording devices. While in the Big Brother house, they have little or no privacy since they are constantly being monitored and watched by people all over the world. Each week in the Big Brother house, nomination and eviction of candidates takes place until one housemate is left. The last candidate is the winner of the contest and will go home with a grand prize of $500,000. Read on my older post to know more about this.
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Details on Big Brother 20 start date

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According to the last Big Brother Episode, that is Big Brother 19, the next season of the Big Brother show was announced to take place during the Summer of 2018. Now checking this in the calendar, you will see that this period is probably between the Month of June to the Month of September which is up to the 100 days the housemates are supposed to stay in the Big Brother house. So, there is hope that the Big Brother 20 will start during this period. All you just need to do is to stick around this unique blog (UDYINFOBANK) because once the Big Brother 20 starts, we are going to keep you posted on all the events that will be going on including those that will leave the Big Brother house every week. We said something about Big Brother 20 Application. Let us guide you fully on this aspect.

How to apply for Big Brother 20 (BB20)

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Big Brother 20 Application is the most important point on this post. It is important in the sense that there will be no Big Brother 20 if there are no applicants for Big Brother season 20. Therefore, this particular point will cover the following areas;

Big Brother Application requirements

Procedures to apply for Big Brother 20

Big Brother 20 Application deadline

1.       Big Brother 20 Application requirements
Before you can think of being a participant in the Big Brother House, you should first off all apply for Big Brother reality show, and before you apply, you should first and foremost know the requirements for BB20. Knowing this will help you to understand whether to apply or not. To know this the requirements for Big Brother 20 (BB20) follow my older post on “BB20 APPLICATION”. Finish with this post before you move on to the next post because there are other vital information below.
      Big Brother 20 Application procedures
To apply for Big Brother season 20, all you need is to go to the big brother casting official website. Before you do that, note that you have to make your video, save a recent picture of yourself in your Pc so you can upload it while applying. See below to know how Big Brother video should look like.

Video for Big Brother application

The video you are to submit along with you application should be 480×320 in resolution. This video should be able to tell someone a lot about you. According to the Big Brother 20 (BB20) casting Director, Robyn Kass, the essence of the video is for the body to learn about you and know the kind of individual that you are (although not deeply as they would know you physically). But it must be able to tell them a little about you. One mistake some applicants make is to use snapchat in making their video. How do you expect the director to learn about you with such video? If you do this, you are completely out of point. So, be guided.

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Big Brother Application deadline

This is another interesting point, Big Brother Application deadline is schedule to be on the 22nd of April, 2018. According to the casting director, there will be no extension on the deadline, you are advised to apply before then so you can be assessed. We said something about Big Brother 20 Housemates, let us know them now.

Big Brother 20 Housemates

Housemate is a name given to those who are qualified to participate in the Big Brother reality show. Currently, there are no Big Brother housemates since the Application is still on. We shall update this page as soon as their names are released and we shall also give you the Biography of all the Big brother housemates whose names will be released. So, all you need to do is to keep on visiting us as we shall update this page when it is time for that. Currently, the Big Brother US is carrying out the Big Brother casting call. Make yourself available in the city that is closer to you. Check the BB20 casting venues using this link.

Big Brother past winner

In the last season, the finals of the Big Brother saw three housemates namely; Paul sit, Christmas Abbott and Josh Martinez. But the grand finale saw Josh Martinez going home with the grand prize. Who will win Big Brother Season 20? That I do not know, but the end shall tell.

Big Brother 20 sponsors

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Currently, there is no information on this. But the Big Brother 20 (BB20) sponsor will be published here live once their names have been released.


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