#BB20 Spoilers: Tyler Leads Week 4 as Adam Poch Ranks the Big Brother Houseguests

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Hi! It’s the fourth week of Big Brother 20. Of course, Tyler has still managed to keep his game on course. The truth is one can hardly predict who gets evicted. In fact, this is the best season of Big Brother we’ve had in years. The drama has obviously been nonstop and I could not be happier. With the evicted HG tonight having the chance of coming back into the game, the drama is sure to continue!

I have heard from so many people that they keep flipping on who they are rooting for not just week to week but day to day. Everyone is gaming so hard, even the people that may not make the CBS show – are having deep conversations trying to figure out how to move forward. I cannot wait to see how tonight plays out – BUT FIRST – let’s get to this week’s Big Brother rankings.

Sam Bledsoe – 4.5 strips of Bacon – I really wanted to give Sam the full 5 strips of Bacon this week. She did not get to use her power willingly – but still figured out a way to be in control of it. By winning the famous “wall comp” she was in charge of nominations and will give whoever goes home the power to come back in. I love how she laid down the law for her HoH room and did not let people hang out there unless invited and did not want people to campaign to her before noms.

The negative half strip is for making a great game move seem personal. Sure she is an old-fashioned woman and does not like how the 2 original nominees used their flirtatious ways to help them in the game, but that was their strategy – so why make it personal. She could have just said – I do not like the way you are playing – and that would be that. However – no matter who leaves, Sam is not really a #1 target for anyone – so great job to her on her HoH.

Kaycee Clark – 4 strips of Bacon – as I mentioned in the opening, there are people that do not make the CBS show gaming hard – and unless you watch the feeds and listen to her conversations – you would think she is clueless when it comes to the game. However, Kaycee is a lot more aware than most – and is doing a great job of listening more than talking. She is saving all the information people volunteer to give her and if she ever has a chance, could use it against people. Kaycee also has done a great job of making allies on the “other side” of the house. Unless she wins an HoH soon, she should stick around for a long time.

Bayleigh Dayton – 3 strips of Bacon – Bay has been an extra most of the season so far besides her showmance with Swaggy – but she also has been another player working hard to keep information in her mental vault. She understands this week is crucial and is trying to stay ahead of the drama & not get caught up in it (besides her convo with JC – not going to discuss that here as it’s not my place). She even knows that the worst thing for her game is if Swaggy comes back (which some of them are speculating the power will be). Some of you may feel I am giving her too much bacon, but answer me this – who is targeting her at this point in the game?

Tyler Crispen – 2 strips of Bacon – despite being caught in the middle of all the Kaitlyn drama – Tyler is still doing a great job of being the puppetmaster of the season – although his mist is starting to thin out and he is just a conversation or two away from being fully exposed. He is working twice as hard as everyone else in the house to keep that from happening. He understands that keeping Kaitlyn is great for his game, but this vote may be out of his hands for the first time all season. Regardless of what happens – as long as it’s not a unanimous vote against Kaitlyn – he will be able to spin his web of lies and keep a lot of them fooled.

Brett Robinson – 1 strip of Bacon – Brett may not be as colorful as Zach Rance yet – but his speeches so far this season have been just as entertaining & drama starting as Zach’s. Similar to when Bayleigh lost her showmance, Brett lost his bromance and was able to put it behind him and keep going full throttle in the game. He intended to cause a rift in the house by calling out Rockstar during his eviction speech, but I am sure not even he could have predicted how big that rift was. He was already going to be a target to her – so it did not hurt his game, but in fact, it helped his game. He now has people asking him to go off on others to start more drama and will be a “meat shield” for a while longer.

Angela Rummans / Rachel Swindler – 1 strip of Bacon shared – last week the Vixens became an official alliance – and this week they have done more of the same. Lay low, act dumb, go with the flow, and wear bikinis around the house. They have been the ones that have been weighing the options on who to evict the most – and because of this – we still have no idea who is going home tonight. They know the benefits of keeping both – and are not targets for either of the final noms, so let’s see what they finally decide to do tonight. Either way – both have an easy path to the jury – and if they step up at the right time, could go to the end.

Scottie Salton – 1 strip of Tofu – was Scottie even in the house this week? Besides being very supportive (and very annoying) during the HoH comp – I did not see/hear much from him the last few days. He gets Tofu this week because my ears still have not stopped bleeding from the aforementioned HoH comp cheering.

Haleigh Broucher – 2 strips of Tofu – Haleigh did a much better job keeping her emotions in check in front of the rest of house after being nominated than her counterparts – and she did pick Fessy to play in the veto – and that ended up helping her get removed from the block. But that was more about him using the little head to control the big head – not any strategic manipulating on her part. She took a big step down from last week and we find her bonds with other HGs besides her core not really willing to trust her or want to work with her. They just want to use her if Rockstar goes home.

JC Monduix – 3 strips of Tofu – riding the middle is always a tough game to play but until this point – it seemed to be working for JC. However this week he has been fighting hard to get rid of Kaitlyn and thinking he has a lot more power than he really does is starting to raise red flags to the other HGs. If Rockstar is in fact evicted tonight – I hope CBS zooms in on him and he adds to the long list of “shock-faces” we have seen up til now. He thinks he is playing the game Tyler really is – and if Kaitlyn does get evicted tonight – he will think he was the brains behind it. Either way – he is starting to lose his grip on safety moving forward.

Angie Lantry (Rockstar) – 4 strips of Tofu – unless you have actually been in the Big Brother house – you will never ever understand the mental toughness it takes to play this game. Rockstar hit the wall this week (figuratively – not literally like last week on the rock wall) – and when Brett set her up with the vote on the live show – she broke. I was not a parent when I was playing, but understand how much she is missing her family after being away from them for over a month. She snapped and pulled out the historic “pots and pans” (despite it being pan & spoon) – to try and get back at Brett. However, that move seemed to blow up in her face and did more to hurt her character than his. She eventually calmed down long enough to give a sincere apology to Brett – but she cannot crawl out of the hole she put herself in.

If Rockstar does stay tonight – it’s just because she is not a good competitor, and the Vixens are just keeping her as a safety net. If she does get evicted, not sure how much “umph” she has left to complete whatever task is needed to get herself back into the game. It may not be a bad thing for her personally to go home this week back to her family. Sure – if she makes it to jury she earns some money – but what she forgets is how bad the stipend is taxed and could probably make more money selling bracelets at festivals.

Faysal Shafaat – 5 strips of Tofu – over a month into the game and Fessy still thinks he’s on the Bachelor. I could go on – but…

That brings us to the Tofurkey of the Week – and I think I may have to rename this the Kaitlyn Herman of the Week award as she has now earned this dubious honor 4 weeks in a row. I said it last week that Kaitlyn is the star of the show and it still holds true. The tears, the anguish, the cuddles (over & under the covers), the victim noises, the spirit guides, the physical and mental abuse, it’s just so amazing watching. From her pre-season interviews, we knew she was a little off center – and that’s fine – but man oh man, no one could have ever predicted this.

For the fans, it would be great for her to be evicted tonight, come back into the house, and then win HoH. If somehow Kaitlyn leaves and does not make it back in – then it will almost be like the season is starting over. Somehow I do not think that production would allow that to happen – but like everything else in Big Brother – there are no guarantees. One thing is for certain, we have never seen a HG like Kaitlyn, and probably never will again.

What do you think?


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