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BB20 Houseguests Biographies, Names, Ages and Pictures Revealed [Big Brother 20]

#BB20: Big Brother 20 Houseguests Biographies/Profiles has been hitting searches for some days now, so I have decided to compile all the BB20 Houseguests Biography including names, ages and pictures of these most searched CBS Big Brother 20 contestants.

#BB20: Big Brother 20 Houseguests Biographies/Profiles Revealed

Have you fanned a celebrity before without knowing his/her biography? Certainly not, so it is actually a good thing for you to know the BB20 Houseguests Biographies.

The last episode of the Big Brother (BB19) had about 17 Houseguests, so can you suggest what this season’s Big Brother (BB20) will have? Well, this shall be well known once the Big Brother 20 reality show Starts, which will certainly be on the 27th of June 2018. So I have determined to feed you with the right information about each of the Big Brother 20 (BB20) Houseguests.

The full names of the BB20 houseguestes have been released as follows

  • Steve Arienta: Steve Arienta is a former undercover cop (as mentioned above), which means he might have an edge when it comes to fooling other Houseguests with his social game. He also loves “motorcycle riding, fishing, and playing golf” and, according to his official BB20 bio, he was a wrestler in high school and played football in college. Steve is shaping up to be a real contender.



  • Winston Hines

    bb20 houseguests-winston

    Winston Hines, 28, is worried about living with other people in the house; according to his bio he’s been living alone for two years. But, what he’s especially worried about is living in a house without his dog, who he writes “love notes” to. His bio also says that he’s “been mistaken for Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds,” but whether that will actually be an advantage in the Big Brother house remains to be seen.


  • Haleigh Broucher

    bb20 houseguests-haleigh

    At 21, Haleigh Broucher is the youngest of the Houseguests this season, but she is not to be underestimated. The college student plans on putting her psychology major to good use in the house, hoping “to analyze and deceive the Houseguests,” according to her official bio.



  • JC Monduix-bb20 houseguests
bb20 houseguests-jc

JC Monduix, 28, is a professional dancer who hopes he’ll be liked by everyone in the house. His strategy is “to be the sweetest small guy that everyone would want to hug and kiss,” so, Internet, meet your new reality TV boyfriend.

Angie Lantry-bb20 houseguests

bb20 houseguests-angie

Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, 34, is a stay-at-home mom who loves “reading, writing, and dancing under the moonlight around a fire to fierce drum beats.” If she were allowed, she’d bring sage to the Big Brother house “to remove the bad juju” — not a bad idea, TBH.

Scottie Salton

Scottie Salton, 26, is a shipping manager from Chicago. He loves CrossFit and hopes to wield influence in the House so as to get “the floaters and butterflies” kicked out early.

Kaitlyn Herman

Kaitlyn Herman, 24, is a life coach currently living in California. In her official bio, she describes herself as “personable, intuitive, and dramatic.” She also revealed in her bio that a psychic once told her that she “would soon be one of the most influential self-help women in the world,” so, expect her to be lending helping hands in the house.

Rachel Swindler

Rachel Swindler, 29, is a Vegas entertainer who is planning on downplaying her physical game early in the competition so as not to be perceived as a threat. “I’m not trying to go out there and win the first couple of HOHs. I want to be more behind the scenes building my social game and creating strong bonds.”

Angela Rummans

Angela Rummans, 26, described herself as “scheming” in her bio and calls herself “the networking queen,” which means she’s ready to play a good social game.

Brett Robinson

Brett Robinson, 25, is a cybersecurity engineer already planning on deceiving everybody in the House. His strategy, as detailed on his official bio, includes lying about his job so that other Houseguests “think I am just a dum surfer/model guy.”

Kaycee Clark

Kaycee Clark, 30, is a pro football player, so get ready to see her dominate physical competitions. Her life motto is “Think outside the box, take risks, and never give up.”

Tyler Cripsen

Tyler Crispen, 23, is a lifeguard currently living in South Carolina. He loves “working out, going to the beach, and surfing” (if you couldn’t tell already) and he’s already admitted to being a bit difficult to read. “When I’m lying, people think I’m telling the truth, but when I’m telling the truth, people think I’m lying,” he told CBS on his official bio. Keep an eye on Tyler, you never know when he might be trying to deceive you.

Faysal Shafaat

Faysal Shafaat, 26, has a subtle strategy. According to his bio, he’s planning on forming a few strong alliances early, and saving his athletic strength for later on in the game.

Bayleigh Dayton

Bayeligh Dayton, 25, works as a flight attendant, so she’s used to dealing with difficult people. She’s also focused on prize, telling CBS that she hopes to intimidate other Houseguests while also being nice and staying away from the drama. “But I also want everyone to fear me just a little. My dad always said that defense wins games. So let’s just say, my D is going to be full coverage.”

Chris Williams

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, 23, is keeping his strategy a secret, but the basketball player and current day trader did reveal in his bio that he has a photographic memory and is great at math.

SOURCE: www.bustle.com

Meanwhile, Note that the Big Brother, BB20 reality show involves the selection of qualified candidates called Houseguests. These Big Brother Houseguests are being kept in the Big Brother House for approximately 90. During their stay in the house, they are being exposed to little or no privacy as they are continuously being monitored by special cameras and recording devices and are also being viewed by a wide range of subscribers all over the world.

Each day in the Big Brother house, eviction and nomination of houseguest take place until the Big Brother house is left with one houseguest that will go home with the Grand prize of $500,000.

Please do visit us regularly for more updates on BB20 Houseguests biographies, Names, Ages and Pictures.

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