#BB20: Big Brother 20 Premiere date, Air date Finally announced


#BB20: Big Brother 20 Premiere date which was long anticipated has been finally announced by the host of the CBS Big Brother. So clear your doubt about the air date for the Big Brother 20 because it has finally hit the social media.

#BB20: Big Brother 20 Premiere date, Air date Finally announced

Were you waiting for the #BB20, Big Brother premiere date? Here is the full guide for you as it will correctly state the air date for the Big Brother us reality show season 20.

You might have been hearing that the BB20 Start date will be in Summer, but did not actually know the date for the show, this Big Brother 20 air date is stated below as it is being given by the BB20 host.

According to the CBS Big Brother Host, the Big Brother 20 premiere date will commence on Wednesday the 27th of June, 2018 at 8 with a 2-hour premiere and follows the schedules below.

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  1. Thursdays @ 9
  2. Sundays @ 8
  3. Wednesdays @ 9
Are you aware of the BB20 houseguests?
Note, for now, there are no full details concerning BB20, but the details about the Big Brother 20 reality show will come your way through this platform as soon as there is any break out of info.
Remember that the Big Brother 20 (BB20) reality show involves the selection of qualified houseguests that will stay in the Big Brother house for approximately 90 days and are constantly being monitored with special cameras and recording devices with eviction of candidate every week until the house is left with one houseguest to go home with a Grand prize of $500,000.
As BB20 premiere date has been announced, the show will be carried out together with a new CBS show called “the Total Knockout (TKO)” with Kevin Hart being the Host.
Hope you have clarified your doubt about #BB20: Big Brother 20 Premiere date? Do you have any question? feel free to ask us.

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