5 ways to style your white shirt

5 ways to style your white shirt


5 ways to style your white shirt

White Shirt is probably the most useful piece that has ever existed, from being invaluable part of a suit for guys to bring the professional style for ladies. So here are some ways to style your white shirt:

I can see that the White shirt has become a bland piece that rarely gives any spice to the look, maybe its the fact that it is now an everyday clothing or because a lot of people do t even know how to style it(well apart from the uniform wear of black or navy skirt. If you ate interested in changing this as I am, a few style are below:

Buy the right piece

Know the right look to pull off

There is nothing as boring as wearing and styling the white shirt the same over and over again. We already know it looks nice on pencil skirt, but can’t we making it more interesting? Can’t we add something to it? Can’t we introduce something unusual? Can we try it on a jump suit? Or a pinafore look, or simply throw on a stylish top and try something fresh? Because, trust me, pulling on the same white shirt every time with the same style is somewhat boring.

Spice it up


Don’t be afraid to try something new, something different , something refreshing. Because for me, fashion is about creating your signature look, style and class, and that will definitely spice things up.

Be comfortable

This is something we sometimes forget to do. No matter what you are wearing, strive to look good and most of all feel comfortable.

Go with the flow

So, no matter how you are dressed, don’t forget to always show the real essence, which is you. Fashion is about creating your brown style but it is also about being you.



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