Hypertension is a health disorder caused by a variety of genetic and environmental interactions and characterised by a persistent increase in blood pressure  beyond the normal (usually 100-120mmHg systolic and 60-90mmHg diastolic).

It may surprise you to know that hypertension is closely associated with your age. The older you get, the more you are likely to have hypertension. So having hypertension is not a death sentence but a beckoning on you to limit the misuse and abuse of your body particularly your heart and blood vessels and kidneys. Most literature on hypertension agree that 90-95% of hypertension cases are of the essential type, also known as primary hypertension and is closely related to aging and unhealthy lifestyles.

Here is a list of 10 things you should consider if you have hypertension

1. Exercising regularly

ExerciseMost persons cannot exercise for just 10 minutes but can consume Viagra for midnight bedroom exercise with their significant opposites. It is recommended that you should exercise for at least 30 minutes 3 times in a week.

There are two ways the heart can overwork itself from increased workload. It is either pathological or physiological.

  • When it is due to pathological causes such as conditions leading to hypertension, your heart could be said to be failing.
  • However, when it is due to physiological causes such as exercise, your heart is simply training itself to keep up with immediate demands.

Regular exercise is not an option for you if you are hypertensive, it is a responsibility and you don’t want to be irresponsible now.

2. Reducing your salt intake:

Salt Some people consume salt the way fire consumes petrol. They may as well put salt in their salads and morning tea if salt were to be sand.

The main constituent of your table salt are Sodium Na and Chlorine Cl in equimolar amounts. Sodium ions in the body have this penchant for dragging water alongside itself.

Anywhere Na goes, water follows suite, and so when Na accumulates in your blood vessels more than it is required, it drags water with it and makes the blood vessels stuffed up with fluid and thereby overworking the heart. You must reduce salt intake if you are hypertensive.

3. Stop Smoking

SmokingYou may not like this one but it is the truth and the truth as always, remain bitter.

One more stick and you are closer to having hypertensive heart disease. It is worth adding the risk of having a cancer too. Yes, something must kill a man but sticks of cigarette should not be one of them. If you have hypertension, it’s time to issue smoking a red card.


4. Eating Healthy 

HypertensionI do not refer to those who consume cassava flakes on a steady 1:1:1 daily formula alone here. Even the so called rich eat expensive nonsense these days.

When last did you have a fruit salad or flush down some vegetables down with ordinary water. Everyone seems to spend mealtime on sugar-coated junkies and oversaturated fatty foods.

Take a break here if you have hypertension, you need enough antioxidants and good body oils to cater for your heart and blood vessels. Its funny that fruits are relatively cheaper than what ‘Mama finger licking restaurant’ can offer. However, I’m not against giving yourself a treat when money smiles on you. Just know that a healthy meal is not necessarily the expensive one.


5. Regular Medical Check Up:

HypertensionA driver who is blind to signs of a failing brake would crash pretty soon with a range of awful losses ranging from destruction of vehicular components to loss of the driver’s own life. You don’t want to be the insensitive driver if you have hypertension.

Keep your blood pressure at optimal levels and be compliant with your doctor’s prescriptions. Just drive your body to a state of inner bliss and be sure you are serious about it.

6. Handling other Comorbidities:

it is not uncommon for Diabetes to coexist with Hypertension. The combo is usually associated with heightened complications and extra effort at management. If you have hypertension, consider checking if you are diabetic also. Meet your Dr for proper instructions in this case


7. Reducing Stress


If you have hypertension, consider reducing stressful activities and having enough rest. Stress often comes with anxiety and sleeplessness. Your blood pressure may shoot up from perpetually stressful activities.

8. Being happy for no reason:

I don’t need to say too much here.

9. Sleeping well and adequately: 

NapGive your body some time to revitalize itself. Even your computer frequently updates itself and fixes technical problems.


10. Getting closer to your Doctor:

Hypertension treatmentThe management of hypertension often follows a dynamic approach . Your starting drugs may need to be changed on account of some adverse drug reactions or interactions that may arise from the former.

Also, resistant uncontrolled hypertension may require a very close monitoring. In addition, if you are pregnant and have hypertension, you may want to visit your doctor more often to prevent hypertensive emergencies such as eclampsia.

Hypertension can be treated but you would need to make the first move at healthy living, help yourself see the wealth in good health!


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