Wednesday, November 14, 2018



Heart Burn: Foods And Drinks That Trigger Heart Burn – Quick...

That burning sensation usually occurs because the refluxed food contains acid from the stomach. Thus, the oesophagus which lacks the ability to withstand acidic food feels hurt and pained. Father nature placed the oesophagus very close to the heart around the breast bone. Thus, any pain form or around the oesophagus makes you feel the pain around the heart. In this case, heart feels like it's burning. This pain is usually felt behind the breast bone, up into the throat. In more severe cases, it comes very close to the mouth.



Conditions For Having Abortion in Nigeria: What the Laws of Nigeria...

Conditions for Abortion in Nigeria include: 1. Abortion can be performed to save the woman's life if her life is at risk 2. Abortion can be performed for physical and mental reasons 3. For abortion to be performed, two(2) physicians are required to certify that the pregnancy possess a serious threat to the life, physical and mental state of the woman involved. Ironically, whether a woman meets all the requirements or not, she is most often than not ignorant of the provisions of the law. Even when she is not, access is generally unavailable or out of reach.






Happiness Hormones: Boosting the chemicals that tickle you

Happiness is not a distant bird somewhere in the bush. It is, most often, perching right upon our shoulder. We only fail to recognize it until it flies away or is taken away. Happiness is that feeling that comes over you when you know life is good and you can't help but smile. The universal law of cause and effect states that, for every effect, there is a definite cause. Our thoughts, behaviors and, actions stimulate specific chemicals in the body which create feelings of happiness characterized by joy, wellbeing and satisfaction. Knowledge of these happiness chemicals and how to boost them could be the key to being and remaining happy at all times.
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